Construction underway on Canada's first Holocaust memorial designed by Libeskind

The design of Canada’s upcoming National Holocaust Monument has been resealed. It marks the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation, a day of International Holocaust Remembrance. This edifice is under construction this year at Ottawa.

This is first such in the country. It will be a green building with eco-architecture. This design is famous now, grabbed the heading too.

Libeskind is known for his geometric building design. The most well talked about design is WTC’s Freedom Tower. Libeskind though only design 4 per cent of the building. This unique design would look like a modern nod from sky.

The form and shape of the prospected structure will stand as a explanation on the twisted agony of those who fell fatality during the Holocaust.

The memorial, now making, is set to open in late 2015.

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Construction underway on Canadas first Holocaust memorial designed by Libeskind